Good in the World

Turn on the news at any time and you can see all the horrors of the world.

Go to any grocery or superstore and you can see all of the scandals of the world.

Hang out with insecure, “small minded” people and you’re bound to hear all of the negative gossip about all the people you know and those you don’t.

All of this contributes to the sayings ‘I have no faith in humanity” or “we’re all doomed.” It’s no surprise that so many people think that this world is nothing but negativity.

When we see terrorism, beatings, murders, kidnaps, etc. on the news we get a shot of adrenaline. It is addicting, and that addiction to wanting to see more, more, more, is what keeps the tabloids and news stations profitable.

If you pay close enough attention you can see so much beauty, love, and generosity in the world.   The law of attraction is a real thing. Rather than focus on and perpetuate more negativity, we can choose to focus on, praise, and attract more good in our lives.

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