How to Create Time

You can look at time in two ways. Either time is something that you are using up or time is something that you create. If you take the first approach you will never have enough time and always wish there were extra hours in a day. If you start to understand that you are the keeper of time and that you can create as much or little time as you need you’ll never be late, and you will always do the things you love.

It is not “I don’t have enough time to do that” it is “I don’t want to make time for that right now.” The first is a justification for why you can’t do something where the second is really the truth. For example, you are working on some emails that need to get out by the end of the day and your daughter comes over to ask you to play with her. You say “I’m sorry baby but I just don’t have the time right now.” What if we changed the situation and now your daughter runs over to you with a large gash on her leg that needs stitches. Do you still not have the time? Of course not. In the second scenario you will make the time to help her. You may think telling her you don’t have time is polite but what is more powerful is telling her “I am working on some emails right now, how about I make some time when I am finished to play with you?”

What is important to you? Is it friends, your partner, family, fitness, art? Whatever it is, it is easy to fall into the trap of doing less important things knowing that those people and things you love will always be there, when you have time. I challenge you to make time for those things. Change “I don’t have time” to “I will make time.”

Taking on the responsibility of creating your own time is a big undertaking but can completely change your life. You no longer have any excuses, and that’s scary but also powerful.

  • Pay attention this week to how often you say “I don’t have time” “there isn’t enough time” “We will run out of time”
  • Change your language to “I will make time” “I don’t want to make time”

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