No One Here is a Stranger

I walked into a gas station in Austin yesterday to pay for gas.  I was greeted by an Indian man who thrust his hand forward as I approached.  He smiled and gave me a firm hand shake.  I smiled and shook back.

I told him what I wanted, he started to put it through, and then I asked him,”What’s the handshake about?”

He said,”Everyone that comes through that door is my family.  No one here is a stranger.  I love humanity.”

That sent a lightning bolt straight through my heart.  That is my favorite shit in the world.  In many ways I couldn’t be more different than this guy.  Large, young, white, tattoo covering my arm, etc. yet this guy greeted me like a friend he sees daily.

I want to be the guy that treats others like that, even when I’m at my worst.  Even when I’m sad, hurt, and scared.  Anyone with me?


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