Say Yes

I spent many years of my life terrified of making friends, asking people to do things, and getting off the couch where I comfortably snacked and watched marathons on TV. I justified it by saying things like:

“I just love staying home. Going out is too stressful”

“I save so much money staying home”

“The perfect date for me is movie, pizza, and the couch”

The truth is that I was just afraid people wouldn’t like me, afraid of the discomfort that comes with making new friends, saying the wrong thing, and maybe embarrassing myself. I now understand that the couch will always be there and you can find every episode and movie imaginable on Netflix or iTunes. You’re not missing out on anything at home, it’s all happening out there!

Say yes.

Say yes when someone asks you to go to the park, to a movie, to dinner, or to a new area of town. Saying yes will make the times that you can sit on the couch lazily that much more satisfying and who knows, maybe you’ll have some new friends to join you!

Asking people to hang out, or agreeing to a social gathering is kind of like sex or working out. Sometimes you think you are just too tired, lazy, or sore. But really, have you ever regretted a great workout or some great sex?

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