Stop Being a Worry Wart

I have just about finished my current book “The Big Leap – Gay Hendricks” and I would definitely say it is worth the read. If you want to learn about what is limiting you from becoming the happiest, most successful version of yourself, this book is a must.

Hendricks talks about all the ways that we limit ourselves from being happy and accepting wealth and abundance. When things are going really well rather than accepting it, enjoying it, and continuing to build upon it we do something that brings us down. It’s like the saying “too good to be true,” we naturally assume that with all good comes bad and we couldn’t possibly be happy all the time. Why not? Why aren’t we willing to be happy all the time?

One of those things we do to bring us down is worrying. How many of you worry? Worry about whether you left the oven on, if your success will be short lived, if you can pay the bills this month, if you made the right investment, anything at all. Hendricks challenges you to think of worrying as you crimping the flow of positive energy. What I found very interesting about this is that he links worrying to some positive or successful moment in your life. Things are going well at work? You worry about your wife cheating on you. You just qualified for a National Championships? You worry that you might get injured. Instead of embracing success and happiness you search for what must be going wrong – I couldn’t possibly have happiness without sacrifice.

Of course not every worry can be to stop the flow of positive energy, some worries are real and necessary to ensure your house doesn’t burn down! So how can we know when the worry is real or something we use to limit our own happiness?

There are two questions you should ask yourself:

Is it a real possibility?

Is there any action I can take right now (in this exact moment) to make a positive difference?

When the worry is if you left the oven on the answers are obviously yes to both. It is definitely a real possibility and you can take action to go home and check. However, if your worry is something like – my success won’t last – and leads to a “no” answer to these questions stop yourself right in your tracks and tell yourself one thing: you deserve to be happy, wealthy, and loved. Worrying is only limiting yourself from the happiness you deserve. Give yourself permission to be happy.

In the movie “Bridge of Spies” the character on trial was never worried even though he was facing terrible charges that would surely change his life forever. His lawyer asked him on a number of occasions “Do you never worry?” and he always replied “Would it help?”

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