The Attitude of Gratitude

It’s not enough to just say how grateful you are for someone or something. If you are truly grateful, express it through your actions.

  • If you are grateful for your mom, then spend time with her even when YOU might not want to. Really engage with her.
  • If you are grateful for your job, then show up early and go above and beyond every single day. Strive to make the team better.
  • If you are grateful for your body, then continue to exercise, eat and sleep well.
  • If you are grateful for your mind, then keep reading, playing, and learning.

Hopefully mom never gives up on us, but we can certainly lose our job, healthy body, and healthy mind. By actively expressing gratitude we are essentially working to keep the things we love. How often do we take those things for granted, always wanting something more? I sure do.

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