The Positive Focus Tool

We humans are almost never satisfied.  The moment we achieve something or acquire something or experience something, our mind wanders to the next biggest, newest, and shiniest thing.  This is called the hedonic treadmill. When we constantly want for more while losing track of what we already have in our lives, we cannot be happy or fulfilled.

1 month ago, 6 months ago, a year ago, etc. I was dreaming of accomplishing of what I’ve accomplished today.  Yet sometimes all I can think about is the future and goals and anything but the present.

A while ago I outlined a stoic tool called negative visualization which is a great way to LOVE what you already have.

I learned another useful tool a few months ago from a phenomenal business coach named Dan Sullivan called “The Positive Focus.”  This is a tool for reminding yourself of the things that you have accomplished so you can operate from a place of power rather than one of reactivity and weakness.

It’s very simple:

At the beginning of your day, a meeting, any new project, start out by writing down or verbalizing one to three things that you are proud of that has moved your towards your goals.  Yeah, no shit that’s actually it.  Try it for yourself and see.

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