The Zen Before the Juice

We train in a gym to train our bodies. We read books and take classes to train our intellect. What about our thoughts and emotions? The things that drive our entire lives… Most people don’t do anything until there is a serious psychological problem. Like me.

Two of my biggest passions are emotional development and training the mind. I am always searching and practicing how to experience more tranquility in my own head as well as love and connection in my relationships. I also want to increase my ability to focus and get into a state of flow. That’s why I meditate.

I’ve gone to Buddhist temples, Zen centers, and meditation circles for 8 years. In my experience, NOTHING trumps consistency. You can have the best tiny beanbag to sit on, a $300 gong, incense, etc. But if you don’t actually meditate, you don’t actually meditate. The best experiences for me have been consistently sitting down in a chair in my house. Nothing fancy.

I’ll go through periods where I meditate daily and periods where I’ll meditate weekly. This stuff is dose effective. The effect of training your mind is just like training your body. You get out of it what you put in.

Adee and I use this the term “lead domino” a lot. Something we got from Tim Ferris. A “lead domino” is something that affects everything else. One action that affects everything in your life. Training your mind, finding tranquility, etc. is the lead domino in life. Take care of that, and everything becomes easier. We become more efficient AND effective. That’s why we put the Zen before the juice.

I’ve got two recommendations:

  1. Download and use the app Headspace for 10 days or
  2. Listen to Sam Harris explain meditation and practice it on your own for 10 days.

If you hate it, you can have all of your daily stress back immediately.

2 comments on “The Zen Before the Juice”

  1. LOL you can have all your stress back immediately! I downloaded Headspace awhile ago after hearing about it on one of Tim Ferris’ podcasts and I finally tried it out today. One step at a time. P.S. I also downloaded Mindset on audible yesterday after the start of the Justin Su’a podcast. I’m already about 2/3 through and it is brilliant, life changing. I definitely had a fixed mindset in some areas of my life and it’s really liberating to see them in a whole new way.

  2. Hell yeah! This makes my day! So cool. I notice myself having a fixed mindset all the time in different aspects of life. It’s so true what he says, that by simply becoming aware of it, we can start to shift towards a growth mindset.

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