This Too Will Pass

This Too Will Pass

Early on in my recovery from drug addiction I learned this simple thought and it has stuck as one of the best reminders that whatever difficult time I’m going through no matter how awful will indeed pass…eventually. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but it will always pass and brighter days will come.

At first it was difficult to believe as times had been dark for so long. I would go to this meeting and there was this guy who was way to happy all the time and would constantly repeat two phrases that would annoy me to the point of wanting to punch him. It was always “This too will pass, and more will be revealed!” For someone in a dark place to hear this from an overly jubilant old man over and over again was nearly too much….I would think to myself, “when will you pass?”

This went on for months. Every time I would share something about myself I was struggling with, he would come up to me after and say those damn words so happily..”This too will pass, and more will be revealed!!” I love this man deeply for repeating himself far too many times!

He was right.

The dark times always pass and brighter days do come.

I’ve learned tools to make that happen quicker sometimes and even when it persists I know they will pass if I just do my best to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I remember the first time in that group I shared something positive that was finally happening in my life and he still came up after and said those words…”This too will pass, and more will be revealed!!”

He was right about that too.

The good times will give way to the tougher times. It’s how we grow. It’s all part of life’s great cycle. We don’t get one without the other. Enjoy both for what they are. Work hard through the tough times and work hard through the good times. Feel both in their entirety and ride those good waves out as long as you can.

Be reminded of the bigger picture of your life and practice full presence in each small moment. Because good or bad, bright or dark, growth or stagnation….”This too will pass, and more will be revealed!!!”

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