Track the Right Things

On a recent podcast I heard Seth Godin talk about “tracking the wrong things.” Click HERE to listen to the podcast. This is my interpretation of his message.

Many people are stuck tracking the wrong things.

We are often too focused on the job we DIDN’T get. The way someone looks at us in a way we don’t like. How many times we’ve made a mistake on a project. The number of fights we get in with our partner. Not making enough money. Our love handles. And a million more things that aren’t good enough.

Depending on what we focus on, we can always find imperfections in our life, and we can turn them into problems.

What if we tracked the moments of deep connection with our partner? The small successes throughout the work-day where you put out a fire or move the business forward. The things we like about our bodies. How much we love the quiet time in the morning (sorry newborn parents). What if we tracked the things that made us feel happy, confident and loved?

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