You Make You Feel

External factors are never responsible for making you feel emotions. You aren’t sad because of what your boyfriend said, angry because of the girl that ignored you, or jealous because of someone getting the job you wanted. There is no person or thing that can make you feel something – you are in control.
Those feelings come from the thought that you created afterwards. Thoughts like:

“He doesn’t love me”
“She was trying to be rude to me on purpose”
“I wasn’t good enough to get that job”

Those thoughts fuel the fire and are 100% under your own control. Try and catch yourself thinking those negative thoughts and choose a positive thought that you truly believe instead. Try:

“He would never intentionally hurt my feelings – he loves me”
“She probably has a lot going on in her personal life”
“I will be okay and work hard to get a job I love”

That positive thought will result in a calmer attitude, more rational actions, and likely a happier more successful you!

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